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Chiaroscuro Techniques

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Course Description:
Participants learn about the various tools and specific techniques of color mixing used to make convincing trompe l’oeil frames. The tradition of illusionistic wall painting to create faux architectural details , known as ‘quadraturismo’, was finely honed in Florence over the centuries in the renaissance, baroque and rococo periods. This course gives participants a rare opportunity to learn the true techniques passed down through generations of artisans. More advanced students will go beyond the creation of frames and moldings, to work on non-linear ornament.

Course Outline:
Techniques for using the decorator’s ruler and liner brushes correctly
Teaching of the classic approach to mixing an appropriate grayscale
The study of classic forms of molding and how to create them
The realization of a painted frame on a prepared canvas, with one light source
The preparation of canvases will be discussed

Projects completed:
(Samples will be created on prepared canvases that the student can take away at the end of the course, supplied by the studio)
1 or more samples of painted chiaroscuro work, either linear or ornamental, depending on the level of the student

For detailed course information and list of materials required please contact the studio:

tel.: 339 429 2531
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